For Immediate Release: Monroe Park Occupation Current Demands and Meeting with the City

The Monroe Park Occupation is a group of people forming a community in Monroe Park near the corner of Main and Laurel.
They are a multi-issue Occupation that has been encamped in Monroe Park since 4pm on Monday March 7th.
A City Official informed the Occupation on Friday March 11th that City Administrators wanted to negotiate with the Occupation.

However, the Occupation will only meet to discuss demands once the City gets the cops to stop busting up all homeless camps. Once that is agreed upon, folks from the occupation will meet with City Officials in the park at 11 at night.

Current Demands:
– Don’t cut down trees in Monroe Park
-Legalize Squatting in Richmond
-25-100% of Monroe Park should remain open at all times
-Stop destroying/busting up homeless camps
-10% of the wealth of the rich should be redistributed to the poor
-Stop wasting City money on gentrification plans
-City Council should resign and no new council be voted in
-Take down monuments and statues in the City

The Occupation has contacted the City with information about our requirements for a meeting. However, it is likely that they will not respond until Monday. Any questions should be referred to the corner of Main and Laurel where there is a 24/7 Occupation of Monroe Park currently on its 6th day.

Occupy Everything!
-the Monroe Park Occupation

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