News from the occupation

Since the Monroe Park occupation began nine days ago, it has steadily gained momentum and visibility. Adequate media attention and support from members of the community have served to alleviate stresses from poor weather, a temporarily absent VCU student body – whose support and participation in these endeavors has surely been an indispensable resource; and curious police behavior in response to our action.

Initial sureveillance of the occupation by seemingly bewildered police forces have been replaced with an eerie policy of non-chalance in regards to the official legal disclosure defining the occupied park as common ground. This is accompanied by the incessant upheaval of homeless camps by the RPD, who subsequently directed those displaced persons to our camp. Thus we are left in dire need of supplies, as many who are now making their stay with the occupation have had their gear confiscated and so are left without the most rudimentary means of survival. The gravity of this deficiency is exacerbated by the fact that more than half of the occupation consists of chronically homeless individuals.

The support of the community has enabled us to establish sizable sleeping quarters for most occupiers, but we are currently short on the following-

-Tarps, tents
-Sleeping bag, blankets
-Plywood, lumber, useful scrap materials
-Bail fund contributions
-Food and water
-More occupiers
-Fresh socks

The occupation continues to build infrastructure and seeks to develop more infrastructure and seeks to develop more interpaticipatory soildarity by way of hosting community events and conducting workshops. Impromptu jams and other improvised music have been a regular occurance, and all those who wish to contribute in this or any other artistic format are certainly welcome.

In solidarity with Iron Rail, U. of WI, U. of P.R., and others.
Occupy! Strike! Resist!

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