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Meeting TONIGHT to Keep Monroe Park Open- The Struggle Continues

Charles Samuels (City Councilman for 2nd District) has called a meeting at 5pm today at Dogwood Dell (the Carillon) in regards to the recent Monroe Park Occupation. Please help us take this opportunity to tell Charles Samuels that we won’t stop taking what is ours or acting in defiance of classist attempts to gentrify public spaces.

The Monroe Park occupation agreed that before any negotiations with the city government could occur the Richmond Police Department needed to immediately cease destroying Richmond’s homeless camps. The city refused to bend on this issue, and THAT is why the occupation in the park was bulldozed yesterday.

Charles Samuels has been winning so far because he has controlled the terms of the debate. We are reasonable people but with no avenue for open and public communication we are left with few options rather than to take our message to the streets. That is what we did when we occuped Monroe Park.

We MUST condemn Charles Samuels, the Richmond Police Department, and ALL parties of the city government responsible for or complicit with the continued criminalization of homelessness and mental illness in Richmond.

Occupy Everything!

We don’t negotiate with fascists!