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After nearly a month, the nine occupiers who were detained on the night of March 17th, during the upheaval of the Monroe Park Occupation, appeared in Richmond-Manchester Court before judge D.E. Cheek.
Arriving early, only one person chose to maintain their pro-bono lawyer, while six others eagerly fired their bewildered public defenders. Shortly into the morning’s docket, one of the two occupiers charged solely with trespassing was tried, and plead guilty, for a fine of $25.

After nearly two hours of anticipation, and five of the eight remaining persons being singled out and removed from the courtroom for the most innocuous behavior – nodding, gesturing, changing seats – all were called up to the stand for a trial which was not only entirely laughable, but most certainly emphatic of the people’s power to represent themselves.

Armed with legal precedent, and other vital evidence of the farcical nature of the charges levied against the defendents, the group (while representing only themselves as individuals) moved for dismissal of all charges. The charge of obstruction of justice was soon addressed, and Jones v. Commonwealth, as well as Atkins v. Commonwealth were cited in a most succinct and successful manner, under the argument that no individual actually physically impeded the process of arrest, but only made the arresting officers’ task more difficult by reserving their 5th Amendment right. Already, the youthful commowealth attorney was clearly fazed by the actions of a seemingly motley crew of contemptuous dregs. While the CA attempted to stammer out more inaccuracy and untruth to argue forth that charge, the judge bemusedly rejected his claims after the defendants briefly clarified that the obstruction of justice summons was issued prior to convening with the magistrate, therefore containing the circumstances to the same of the cited precedents.

Moving on to the trespassing charges, the defendants proposed the unconstitutional nature of the statute defining park hours and use of the park accordingly. The clause contained within said statute explained the possibility of use of the park outside of regular hours by obtaining a permit from the mayor’s office, but did not clearly define the requirements or discretion used for acquiring this permit. The judge did not choose to fully recognize this claim, but also did not have the power to rule the statute unconstitutional outright. The defense next proposed that since all conventional and advised forms of action (i.e., contacting city council) had been exhausted, direct action was necessary, as was the presence of the occupation at night to successfully express the dire nature of the concerns being raised. Therefore, it was most simply an exercise of free speech. Also, questions were raised as to the conclusions left to be drawn from the most curious police behavior experienced during the occupation.
The state having very little to say in their favor, and having had much of that belittled by the judge, it was not long before the court settled on the dismissal of obstruction charges, and a $25 dollar fine for all but one trespassing charge, which was dropped due to its own false nature. The remaining seven who were fined are appealing the charge.


Copwatch Video of the Monroe Park Occupation 3/17/11

Here are some Richmond Copwatch videos of the Monroe Park Occupation being busted by the RPD on 3/17/11 on the 10th night of the Occupation of Monroe Park. More videos to come as they get uploaded.Keep checking back for more videos and more updates about the court date. Donations to the Anarchist Black Cross bail fund are also always welcome.

Here is part one, and part 2 of this group of footage. Significantly, all of the parts together provide evidence as to the entrapment of Mo Karn by the police.

Support the Monroe Park Occupiers in Court!!!

There are 9 people from the Monroe Park Occupation with court on Tuesday April 12th at 10am. Please come out to the court building at 9:30am to support them. 7 of the occupiers were arrested and consequently charged with Obstruction of Justice. 2 were detained and charged with trespassing.

Their court is on the Southside at the Manchester Court building at
920 Hull Street, Southside
Richmond, VA 23224

Meeting TONIGHT to Keep Monroe Park Open- The Struggle Continues

Charles Samuels (City Councilman for 2nd District) has called a meeting at 5pm today at Dogwood Dell (the Carillon) in regards to the recent Monroe Park Occupation. Please help us take this opportunity to tell Charles Samuels that we won’t stop taking what is ours or acting in defiance of classist attempts to gentrify public spaces.

The Monroe Park occupation agreed that before any negotiations with the city government could occur the Richmond Police Department needed to immediately cease destroying Richmond’s homeless camps. The city refused to bend on this issue, and THAT is why the occupation in the park was bulldozed yesterday.

Charles Samuels has been winning so far because he has controlled the terms of the debate. We are reasonable people but with no avenue for open and public communication we are left with few options rather than to take our message to the streets. That is what we did when we occuped Monroe Park.

We MUST condemn Charles Samuels, the Richmond Police Department, and ALL parties of the city government responsible for or complicit with the continued criminalization of homelessness and mental illness in Richmond.

Occupy Everything!

We don’t negotiate with fascists!

Video from Saturday’s Show at the Occupation

The Monroe Park occupation with Josh Small and Tim Barry from J LAW on Vimeo.

Pictures from the Occupation

Pictures from the ongoing Occupation of Monroe Park:

Some News Coverage of the Occupation

There has been some media coverage of the Monroe Park Occupation.

If you hear of any we missed feel free to send a link to

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